How I Work

I have a formal education in photography that has equipped me with the skills to solve any technical challenge. Bringing all the elements together and delivering on a client’s photo needs is a big part of my work.  But what’s REALLY exciting is the opportunity to take on a creative challenge and bring it to life. My favorite assignments are projects where an idea needs to be expressed in a single image, or sequence of images, and I have the chance to collaborate on how best to illustrate that. There is nothing more rewarding for me!

What Does it Cost and What’s Included?

It can be difficult to set standard costs for photography because there are so many variables, but my basic approach is to work on a time and materials basis and simplify the entire process so the work is done as efficiently (and thus as economically) as possible. A few basic questions are all I need to answer in order to quote any project, and the price is all-inclusive of shoot time and the post-production needed to deliver finished images…no surprises.

Image Delivery and Storage

I deliver all work via digital download, so there is no lag time waiting for physical delivery of photos, and importantly for many clients, no sales tax. Archival storage is another big benefit people sometimes don’t think about until there is an urgent need. I often have clients contact me years after shooting and request copies of images. I have every photograph I’ve ever taken on backup hard drives so they can always be retrieved.