Vinson & Marisa Vanevenhoven

“Moses Sparks is truly a professional photographer. I originally met Moses when he was referred to us by the facility where we got married. Immediately upon our meeting, we absolutely loved his professionalism, talent and personality. I cannot explain how satisfied I was with the work he did for our wedding. Even with 350 people there Moses was able to photograph every aspect of our wedding. He was able to capture all the important moments of the usual wedding ceremony and reception as well as candids that captured our guests’ enjoyment that you don’t always get to see when you’re in the wedding itself. Our wedding was at night during the winter and Moses was able to take pictures with lighting so you couldn’t even tell it was nighttime!

Since our wedding in 1999, we have referred him numerous times to our friends and family because of his unique talent and personality. He has since photographed three other weddings for family members of mine who were also very happy with his work. He is also volunteering his time to be the head photographer for a local Walk/Run for a disease that affects very close family members of mine.

In all, I can’t say enough about Moses. His talent, personality, professionalism and kind heart make him a truly wonderful person to have as a photographer, and as a friend!”