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    • #NBC Universal Emergency Services

      “On behalf of NBCUniversal Emergency Services, it gives me great pleasure to recommend photographer Moses Sparks. Moses has provided his services in photographing our Annual Disaster Drills for over seven years with outstanding results.
      As a photographer, Moses is professional, efficient, and delivers impeccable results. Moses is able to capture our events with artistic styling that exemplifies the occasion while delivering professional grade results. Capturing emergency drills on film are difficult, but through his talents, Moses provides our department with a visual record of the event and paints a vivid picture of the overall experience. His pictures are vibrant, artistic, unique, and epitomize perfection. We are always thrilled with the end product he delivers.

      We greatly appreciate the services Moses has provided to our department and would highly recommend his talents to anyone seeking professional photographic services.”


      Michael Ripley
      Disaster Response Manager
      NBCUniversal Emergency Services

    • JAFRA Cosmetics International

      “Moses Sparks has been the go-to photographer for JAFRA’s National Conference for several years now. He’s reliable, independent and adaptable… These are vital qualities required for our fast-paced and always evolving events. Moses not only excels in the technical aspects of his job, but also lends a personal touch with us as a vendor and especially to our Consultants, who welcome him with open arms at every event.”

      Alberto Gomes
      Event Production Manager
      JAFRA Cosmetics International, Inc.

    • TestimonialRichardson Designs, Inc.

      “Moses has been an incredibly valuable addition to our team. He has turned around hundreds of photos overnight to the surprise the attendees as they are able to view them the next morning. He is able to capture the perfect images to portray the special moments we always want to look back on.”

      Donna Richardson
      Richardson Designs, Inc.

    • TestimonialMothership Creative

      “Working with Moses is a true pleasure. He is as professional as he is talented. We have trusted him to represent us in front of our clients on many occasions, and have never been disappointed. He is efficient and personable, and his pictures never disappoint. We look forward to a continuing relationship with Moses, and would highly recommend him to others!”

      John Mulhall
      President / CEO
      Mothership Creative

    • TestimonialRadar Creative

      “For many years, Moses has captured the most iconic, most memorable moments of the events we’ve either produced or have been a part of. Charitable golf tournaments, award galas, general sessions, breakouts, behind-the-scenes, marketing materials, green screen and novelty… Moses will take great care of you and you’ll be pleased with the results.”

      Matthew Warren
      Co-Founder | Producer-Director
      Radar Creative

    • TestimonialPublic Storage

      “I’ve had the pleasure of working with Moses for over six years. He’s our “go to” for conferences, events, executive photos and special projects. He is extremely responsive to our direction and very low maintenance to manage. Once he has the “work order” he just executes in the background with no disruption to the event. I’ve used other photographers prior to Moses and nobody brought the results that I see from Moses. We get well composed, excellent quality photos…even with low light and difficult group shots at our award event when Moses has just seconds to capture the image.”

      Dale Trow
      Corporate Services Manager,
      Public Storage

    • TestimonialNalu Creative

      “I have had the pleasure of working with Moses Sparks for four years now and he is one of my favorite corporate event photographers.  He is professional, timely, courteous and most importantly, he has a great eye.  Moses just has a sense of what moments to capture and he is always in the right place at the right time.  Moses also takes the time to really edit his work and makes sure that the shots he delivers are all good shots.  He has flexibility in terms of delivery methods and is always willing to go the extra mile even if it means a tight turn around.  I would highly recommend Moses Sparks to anyone looking to capture the spirt and ethos of their meeting or event.”

      Rebecca Coons
      President Nalu Creative

    • TestimonialAngie Hummel

      “When it comes to custom photography needs, AFTRA-SAG Federal Credit Union requests Moses Sparks Photography first.

      Moses is an excellent photographer offering superior quality, dependability, punctuality, professionalism and quick turnaround. After many cost and quality comparisons – without hesitation – Moses Sparks Photography is our first choice.”

      Angie Hummel
      Assistant Vice President
      Marketing & Business Development Manager
      AFTRA-SAG Federal Credit Union

    • TestimonialLynette Romero & David Angulo

      “Moses Sparks captured the moments that mattered most on our wedding day. We have so many beautiful memories, but the wonderful thing is that he caught almost every one of those moments on film. So now, we have the memories in our hearts and minds…and the amazing pictures to tell the story. He promised us that he would try to be everywhere, snapping as many pictures as possible. He was.

      He promised us that he wouldn’t waste our time taking pictures and posing. He didn’t. He promised us that he would never be in our face with his camera. He wasn’t. He made it fun, fast and the proof is in the pictures. His style is professional, easy, warm and gracious.

      Planning a wedding means making a lot of decisions and inevitably, a few mistakes. Hiring Moses was one of the best decisions we made. We’d do it all over again…including marrying each other!”

    • TestimonialMindy Covely & Mike Nieland

      “In choosing Moses to photograph our wedding, we wanted someone who was not your “traditional” photographer – we didn’t want our wedding photos to have that generic posed look. I love the journalistic approach he took with our wedding.

      He captured so many moments – from the kids playing, the dancing, to all of our guests enjoying the day. I never noticed him throughout the ceremony or reception, yet he took over 400 pictures!

      Moses, we absolutely love the pictures and thank you so much for photographing our wedding. You did an amazing job.”

    • TestimonialShauna LeVeque & Dave Lodgen

      “As everyone knows, the wedding day is one of the most important of your life, so choosing someone to document it was one of our biggest (and most stressful!) issues to deal with. After speaking with many of our friends and getting referrals, we found Moses. His personality and experience immediately put us at ease and inspired confidence that we had found the right photographer.

      During the event he was not only thoroughly professional, but seemingly everywhere! He made everyone look great and made it fun at the same time.

      Moses was only with us for one day, but the pictures and the memories he captured in them will be there forever.”

    • TestimonialKaty Diehl & Frank Salinas

      “We were so honored to have you as our photographer at our wedding. We appreciate so much how comfortable you made everyone feel while having their pictures taken, and with everyone at ease, their smiles are priceless.

      You truly captured the joy and happiness of our day and we look forward to showing off our pictures for years to come!”

    • TestimonialVinson & Marisa Vanevenhoven

      “Moses Sparks is truly a professional photographer. I originally met Moses when he was referred to us by the facility where we got married. Immediately upon our meeting, we absolutely loved his professionalism, talent and personality. I cannot explain how satisfied I was with the work he did for our wedding. Even with 350 people there Moses was able to photograph every aspect of our wedding. He was able to capture all the important moments of the usual wedding ceremony and reception as well as candids that captured our guests’ enjoyment that you don’t always get to see when you’re in the wedding itself. Our wedding was at night during the winter and Moses was able to take pictures with lighting so you couldn’t even tell it was nighttime!

      Since our wedding in 1999, we have referred him numerous times to our friends and family because of his unique talent and personality. He has since photographed three other weddings for family members of mine who were also very happy with his work. He is also volunteering his time to be the head photographer for a local Walk/Run for a disease that affects very close family members of mine.

      In all, I can’t say enough about Moses. His talent, personality, professionalism and kind heart make him a truly wonderful person to have as a photographer, and as a friend!”