Lynette Romero & David Angulo

“Moses Sparks captured the moments that mattered most on our wedding day. We have so many beautiful memories, but the wonderful thing is that he caught almost every one of those moments on film. So now, we have the memories in our hearts and minds…and the amazing pictures to tell the story. He promised us that he would try to be everywhere, snapping as many pictures as possible. He was.

He promised us that he wouldn’t waste our time taking pictures and posing. He didn’t. He promised us that he would never be in our face with his camera. He wasn’t. He made it fun, fast and the proof is in the pictures. His style is professional, easy, warm and gracious.

Planning a wedding means making a lot of decisions and inevitably, a few mistakes. Hiring Moses was one of the best decisions we made. We’d do it all over again…including marrying each other!”